Link Extravaganza

Here is a list of stuff I would have shared on Facebook in the past.  Enjoy.

  • Cool street art – 106 of the best street art photos
  • Hotel Meets Hobbit Hole
  • Idolatry of the Written Word – Rev. Michael Dowd on why the Bible is pointing to God and is not actually God: “Alas, when a story becomes Scripture, it ceases to evolve — at least in any functional, intentional way. Skillful and charismatic interpreters of unchanging Scripture can, of course, maintain the relevance of the sacred stories for a good deal longer by continuing to evolve the interpretations. Supposed miracles can be reinterpreted as metaphor; historical “fact” can be recast as value-laden parable. But when the interpretations themselves fall to the temptation of idolatry of the written word, absurdity eventually prevails.”
  • Rome, City of Firsts – Ancient Rome and its innovations

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