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God of the Poor

That is why he is, above all, the God of those who can hope where there is no hope.  The penitent thief who died with Christ was able to see God where the doctors of law had just proved impossible Jesus’s claim to divinity.

–Thomas Merton, No Man is an Island


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On Agrarianism

We agrarians are involved in a hard, long, momentous contest, in which we are so far, and by a considerable margin, the losers. What we have undertaken to defend is the complex accomplishment of knowledge, cultural memory, skill, self-mastery, good sense, and fundamental decency—the high and indispensable art—for which we probably can find no better name than “good farming.” I mean farming as defined by agrarianism as opposed to farming as defined by industrialism: farming as the proper use and care of an immeasurable gift.

–Wendell Berry, “The Agrarian Standard,” Orion Magazine

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