I once read a series of books by Tom Hodgkinson that extolled the glories of being idle.  In fact, one is titled, How to Be Idle.  It just so happens that Hodgkinson may have been on to something, according to the author of Money Ball, Michael Lewis:

Have you ever taken on a project just so you wouldn’t be inactive, just to keep things going? How many better opportunities have you missed because that project made you too busy to pursue them? Being willing to be inactive or less active means you’ll be available when something truly worthy of your best effort comes along. It also means you’ll have the time and space to go looking for those really worthwhile projects. If you’re busy being busy, you’ll miss them.

There might be hope for me yet.

Interesting links for the lazy:

I’d include more, but I’m too lazy at the moment.

Lazy Cat at Tum Bur in Hattingen Ruhr


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