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Link Extravaganza – “Fixing” Atlanta edition

We all want the towns and cities we live in to live up to their full potential.  While Atlanta is awesome, there is plenty of room for improvement (where is that not true?).  Here are some interesting links discussing how to “fix” Atlanta or some part thereof.


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Links for being stuck inside on a gorgeous day

The weather is gorgeous here in Atlanta.  Here’s some stuff to console you if, like me, you find yourself indoors in such weather.

Turkish Baths interior, Paphos

Turkish Bath in Paphos, Cyprus

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Here are some miscellaneous things I’ve been looking at on the web.

The Eagle and Child

The pub where C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and their circle (The Inklings) attempted to achieve advanced states of mental incompetence while reading their works to one another. I’ve had a drink here. It’s pretty cool.

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Links for a rainy day in Atlanta

Hi all,

Just got back from a workshop on film and media preservation in Athens, GA.  Their special collections library is fantastic.  It includes 30,000 square feet of climate controlled storage vaults.  It’s raining and dreary in Atlanta, so here are some websites I’ve been looking at to pass the time.

How NASA might build its very first warp drive – I’m a sucker for Star Trek stuff.

Low-cost Bamboo Housing in Vietnam – I want – nay, need – one of these.

Guerilla Gardening – I’ve still got a couple of acorns from Earth Day that I need to plant surreptitiously somewhere.

The World as I see it by Albert Einstein – ’nuff said.

Stay dry, y’all!

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Link Extravaganza (London Edition)

The Thames of Old London – from the excellent Spitalfields Life blog.

How Charles Dickens Saw London – from Smithsonian Magazine.

The Blackfriar – from Beautiful Places to Read in London.

Shakespeare’s Globe – a recreation of the Globe Theatre.

The Tabard Inn – from the Poetry Atlas. The inn from which Chaucer’s pilgrims set out for Canterbury in the Canterbury Tales.

Tabard inn mid19th

The Tabard Inn from Wikimedia Commons.


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